Sunday, March 29, 2009

Draft Preparation 101

The tenth annual Salmon League Baseball season is set to begin this Saturday at the official SLB Draft in Mankato, Minnesota.

As such, I'm sure all of you have already begun your draft preprations. The Keepers have been announced, so it's time to start putting the finishing touches on your cheatsheets.

As everyone knows websites like CBSSports, FoxSports, and countless others provide free drafting kits to assist you in your preparation. In addition, you can purchase any one of a dozen various magazines or books available.

Another very helpful tool for draft preparation is to do some Mock Drafts to get into the swing of things. Once you've got a few Mock Drafts under your belt, you'll get a better idea for what some of the trends are amongst drafters and how early you should take certain players and who you can wait a few rounds to snag on the sly.

It is most beneficial for helping you get used to make decisions on the fly. We've all been in the situation where the guy we wanted to draft got gobbled up one or two picks before us. It's no good and all-too-often sends managers scrambling to their sheets looking for another option.

My recomendation--as evidenced by my homemade logo--is Mock Draft Central. The website is running hundreds of drafts per day and allows you to get plenty of practice before the big day. It also offers an ADP (Average Draft Position) for free of the top 75 players taken in the drafts done on the website. Definitely a useful tool.

Happy Drafting!!